Welcome to the tutorial page designed to make you familiar with Bell Spectrum. We have created a bell instrument for you that is as easy and as customizable as you want with its two modes to play bells – BE QUICK and BE CREATIVE. Your i-device becomes the closest thing to a real set of 6 octaves of handbells on the market. Let’s get you acquainted with the power of the Spectrum.

When we released version 1.0, the Title Screen was the first opportunity you had to interact with the App. On that screen you have three choices – Be QuickBe Creativeand How To. We had no idea that some people would skip the How To button or circle (we call Spectral). Being comfortable with the Be Creative mode requires some explanation to understand how to assign your Spectrals (buttons) and actually play a concert. Once it has been easily explained, your mind is your only limitation for what you can perform. After some suggestions, we offered version 1.1 which leads you through theHow To written and pictorial tutorials first before presenting the Title Screen.

Bell Spectrum Title ScreenWith that explained, let me start with the Title Screen. As I mentioned, this screen has three Spectral (button) choices – Be QuickBe Creativeand How To. Touch Be Quick and jump right into ringing a song because all your Spectrals are assigned for you in the key of C (no sharps or flats) – 18 notes for the iPhone and iPod Touch and 48 for the iPad (that’s 6 octaves of bells!). There are many songs written for these basic notes and sometimes I just want to demo our app and I can quickly play a song with this mode. Once you touch Be Quick, you can then select Ring to swing your iPhone or iPod Touch like a real bell, or select Tap to tap your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device or select Back to go back to the Title Screen.

Once Ring or Tap is selected, you will be taken to the Ring Screen displaying the 18 or 48 Spectrals with note hints labeled on each. If you chose Ring, press and hold any Spectral (circle) while swinging like a handbell (snap your wrist forward). To continue the sound, keep holding down the Spectral, to stop the sound, lift your finger. Touch other Spectrals and swing to ring a concert. If you chose Tap, press and hold Spectrals as above without swinging.
Done? Touch the gray Back Arrow at the top left of the screen to get creative.

Note Selection ScreenThe next Spectral on the Title Screen is Be Creative. This is where the power of the Spectrum begins. You will be launched into the Note Selection Screen where you can literally assign any of the 74 notes to your Spectrals, one note or as many notes as you need in each Spectral to play a concert. Your mind is your only limitation here. Touch Be Creativeto fill 1-18 Spectrals for the iPhone and iPod Touch (or 1-48 Spectrals for the iPad) with any of 74 bell choices. Very first time? Touch New Concert. This is where you will assign note(s) to each Spectral. Touch any pink Spectral in the bottom left corner of the screen. Once selected, it will highlight. Touch a gold note(s), they will highlight and auto save in that Spectral. Make a mistake? Touch the note again and it will deselect. With 74 notes available, you can swipe left and right with a long sliding motion keeping your finger depressed over the treble or bass staves of notes revealing more octaves. Fill the Spectral with as many notes as desired. Done selecting for that Spectral? Touch the “Tap to name this Spectral” words in the middle of the screen and a keyboard appears to name your assignment any way you wish, using 7 characters. Skip naming if you want. Need to change a note in a Spectral? Just re-touch any Spectral, deselect the note(s) by touching them and touch another note. Touch another Spectral and repeat the selection process. Ready to play? Touch the green Tap or Swing circle (whichever way you would like to ring) to begin. The 18 (48) Spectrals are loaded with your notes and name hints. Want to make a change? Touch the gray Back Arrow on the top left. All note assignments are still saved, so touch the wrong Spectral, touch the note you want to remove, touch the new note. When you are finished changing notes, Touch Tap orSwing to begin your concert again.

All of your notes are saved for the next time. When you reopen the App and want to be creative, touch Be CreativeLast Concert, make any changes and touch Tap or Swing. Want to start fresh? Touch Be CreativeNew Concert. Make sure you really want to reassign all your Spectrals, because touching New Concert erases all your previous assignments.

Sample from the pictorial tutorial on the How To ScreenThe last Spectral on the Title Screen is How Towhich is a short written and pictorial tutorial right on your device easily explaining and demonstrating how to begin enjoying your new musical instrument which offers you $60,000 worth of bells for the small cost of the App. We believe that after viewing the short How To section, you will be ready to begin performing your own concerts.

We hope you will find this tutorial helpful in making Bell Spectrum easy to ring, rewarding to master, always entertaining.