Introducing the BellmenThis section of the blog focuses on getting you familiar with the freedom and enjoyment you can have with Bell Spectrum. We have created a bell instrument for you that is as easy and as customizable as you want with its two modes to play bells – BE QUICK and BE CREATIVE. Your iDevice becomes the closest thing to a real set of 6 octaves of handbells on the market. Being comfortable with the Be Creative mode requires some explanation to understand how to assign your Spectrals (buttons) and actually play a concert. Once it has been easily explained, your mind is your only limitation for what you can perform. We have included the written instructions and some of the pictorial tutorials from the actual How To button (Spectral) on the App in the Overview Tutorial.

We hope you will find the following tutorials helpful in making Bell Spectrum easy to ring, rewarding to master, and always entertaining.

  • Overview – Provides a basic general understanding of the entire App