Christmas Updates for Bell Spectrum

As a gift perfectly suited for Christmas, we have been working on a major update which will include a songbook of Christmas songs for the holidays. For each song, spectrals (buttons) will be preassigned and light up accordingly, to lead you easily through the piece. We are excited to enable quick caroling anytime.

It should be available within a week or two, once it has been approved by Apple.
We hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends.

Discover your Parallel Universe

Parallel UniverseIncandescence Studios has released their second game for iOS called Parallel Universe. The whole game has been handcrafted by us, a son & mother indie team, including the art, music and coding.

P U is an original game that draws a player’s movements and actions onto a randomly generated world. The results are unique stories and maps created from everyday life, like a new form of Augmented Reality. We have a lot more ideas going forward and see this as a first step of many for Parallel Universe.

Check it out on the Apple App Store.